Pet Portrait Testimonials

Testimonials from customers who have commissioned Dog, Horse and Cat portraits 

"Tyler " Hungarian Wirehaired Viszla

Dog Portrait

"When looking for an artist to paint a much loved boy who had sadly died I found, on Lorna's website, a wonderful picture of a Viszla. Having been in the breed for many years I know how rare it is to find a good representation. What she has produced for me displays the dog's features perfectly and reflects the essence of his personality and character brilliantly. Thank you Lorna." - Lynne

Grey Thoroughbred Horse Portrait

Grey Horse portrait

"Would absolutely recommend Lorna to anyone looking for a custom portrait. Couldn’t have been happier with the horse she did for me, it looked truely fantastic. She consulted me at every stage and was even able to work from a picture of a picture. Would absolutely ask her to complete more work in the future as this was truely excellent. Definately recommend." Helen

Jess the Black Labrador

Dog portrait

"I came across Lorna's work whilst browsing 'black labradors' on Ebay. I was impressed by the way she had captured the features and characters of the dogs in her painting so googled her. Once I found her website I was even more excited by my new discovery. I had never seen anyone paint animals so well. I decided then & there that I wanted to commission her to do a portrait of my own lovely black Labrador Jess. It literally was Jess on the painting in front of me. Every characteristic, the 'I'm comfy but bored' look in her eyes, the shine off her fur ... it was all there. Since then I have keenly taken in interest in any new work that Lorna has done. She simply is my favourite artist ... and has helped Jess live on beyond her years. Thank you Lorna."  - Andrea

"Eric" Skewbald Horse

Horse Portrait

"I would like to start by saying a huge thank you to Lorna for doing an amazing job of drawing my horse Eric.

Lorna takes care to capture the true character and spirit of YOUR horse, not just any horse. The pastel drawings have the softness and texture that make you feel you could reach out and touch his nose, and you can see the naughty glint in his eye.

Lorna's advice on picking the correct photo or photos to work from is always spot on, as is her choice of frame. 

Over the years Lorna has drawn all my horses, also my mum's two dogs and now my latest horse Eric. Every time she puts absolute care into her work, making you feel that you and your animal are special. 

I am so pleased to have found Lorna, I would never trust anyone else to paint my pets and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone. So if you are thinking about getting her to draw for you, just do it! You will not be disappointed." Vicky

Ella and Louis the Cocker Spaniels

Dog portrait

" ' Lorna captured my dogs, Louis and Ella superbly as 2 year olds watching birds flying by the window. Lorna has the ability to capture not just breed characteristics but a dogs true personality with her attention to detail and faultless technique.The artwork arrived beautifully framed. Lorna is a talented artist, who I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone wishing to have a portrait of their 4 legged friend or friends. Lorna's artworks take on a life of their own and you can tell they have been painted with a love and a passion for the subject. I am extremely happy with what she did for me, Thank you Lorna' " - Donald

Harley the Cockapoo

Dog Portrait

"Hi Lorna, Thank you ever so much for my portrait of Harley you have captured him so well. It’s one of my favourite things I own apart from Harley of course. It’s got pride of place in my hallway and lots of people have thought it was a photo it’s that good. Thanks again Joanne & Harley xx" - Joanne

Dylan the Jack Russell

Dog Portrait

“As you can imagine last night was a little bit of a roller coaster of  emotions for both of us there was a few tears shed and some laughter over some of the daft things he used to do we talked into the early hours which was nice and I can only say that Carol  was absolutely ecstatic about the  painting she said that you had captured him absolutely perfectly and she will cherish this painting for a long long time once again we cannot thank you enough for such an amazing painting of our dilly dog many thanks Howard, Carol, Lottie dog”

Reggie the Staffy

Dog Portrait

"I approached Lorna for a commission of my beloved dog who sadly recently passed away. I was nervous at first as it requires a lot of trust to have faith in someone to accurately portray your pet. However, I’m so glad I did as Lorna has so perfectly captured his true nature. The painting looks incredibly life like even down to the finest detail. It’s absolutely stunning! Thanks so much. 


Emmy-Lou - Kokoni x Cyprus Poodle

Dog Painting

"We absolutely love the picture - thank you so much"  - Jenni and Jamie