Horse Art Gallery

Commissioned Horse Portraits and Paintings in pastel.

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Equine Artist

I am an established and professional Horse Artist who has exhibited with the Society of Equestrian Artists in their Horse In Art Annual Exhibition. 

Horse knowledge

Having owned horses in the past and competed in dressage I have extensive knowledge of the anatomy of horses and the correct way of going. A graceful dressage horse creates beautiful shapes and I just love painting them. 

Pastel custom portrait

There are many occasions where a pastel portrait of your dog, horse or cat would be a fabulous and unique purchase.


I have painted custom horse portraits  and paintings for Birthdays gifts, Christmas gifts, Weddings gifts, and as tribute to a dearly loved and lost pets, or just simply as a gift from loving pet owners to themselves! In fact you don't really even need a reason to have your best fur friend's handsome face immortalised in an artwork – just treat yourself! 

Horse Breeds and types

I have painted many different breeds and colours, including Thoroughbreds, Sport Horses, Hunters, Warmbloods, Arab, Welsh and Irish Cobs, and many more. I have painted Greys, Bays, Black, Chestnuts, Palaminos, Skewbalds and Piebalds. 

I have painted many different disciplines including Show Jumpers, Eventers and Dressage Horses.

Commission a Portrait Painting

To commission a horse portrait or painting send me your photographs to so we can discuss your requirements .