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Equestrian Art -  Pan Pastels


Horse Knowledge


Having owned horses in the past and competed in dressage I have extensive knowledge of the anatomy of horses and the correct way of going. A graceful dressage horse creates beautiful shapes and I just love painting them. 

I have painted many different breeds and colours, including Thoroughbreds, Sport Horses, Hunters, Warmbloods, Saddlebreds, Arab, Welsh and Irish Cobs, and many more.


I have painted many different disciplines including Show Jumpers, Showing, Eventers and Dressage Horses.

Purchasing a Painting


I usually sell through online galleries and you can purchase my work either directly from me or through my galleries on Art2Arts ,,  Artfinder , or contact me through social media (links above).I have sold many horse dog and cat paintings over the years. I started off many years ago on Ebay, and have had work re-sold on through fine art galleries.  


These paintings are all created and inspired from life situations and from reference photographs I have taken myself, or from photographs with permission from the photographer.

Many of my artworks are pastels and predominantly Pan Pastels, but some are oils on canvas and occasionally I have used acrylic or mixed media. I have a passion for dressage and dressage horses, also enjoy painting horses in candid situations and it's a privilege to sell my artwork.


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