Horse Art Gallery

Horse Portraits and Paintings in pastels and oils.

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Equine Artist

I am an established and professional Horse Artist and I have recently been promoted to Associate Member of the Society of Equestrian Artists, with whom I exhibited with in their Horse In Art Annual Exhibition at the Menier Gallery, London.

Horse knowledge

Having owned horses in the past and competed in dressage I have extensive knowledge of the anatomy of horses and the correct way of going. A graceful dressage horse creates beautiful shapes and I just love painting them. 

Pastel custom portrait

There are many occasions where a pastel portrait of your dog, horse or cat would be a fabulous and unique purchase.


I have painted custom horse portraits  and paintings for Birthdays gifts, Christmas gifts, Weddings gifts, and as tribute to a dearly loved and lost pets, or just simply as a gift from loving pet owners to themselves! In fact you don't really even need a reason to have your best fur friend's handsome face immortalised in an artwork – just treat yourself!  

Horse Breeds and types

I have painted many different breeds and colours, including Thoroughbreds, Sport Horses, Hunters, Warmbloods, Arab, Welsh and Irish Cobs, and many more. I have painted Greys, Bays, Black, Chestnuts, Palaminos, Skewbalds and Piebalds. 

I have painted many different disciplines including Show Jumpers, Eventers and Dressage Horses.

Commission a Portrait Painting

To commission a horse portrait or painting send me your photographs to so we can discuss your requirements and my availability.