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Equestrian Art

Equine Artist

I am an established and professional Equine Artist, an Associate Member of the Society of Equestrian Artists, and a member of the committee, and with whom I exhibited in their Horse In Art Annual Exhibition at the Menier Gallery, London, and at Sally Mitchell's Gallery Tuxford.  I currently have 2 paintings at this year's Horse in Art Exhibition at Tennants Garden Room, Leyburn, Yorkshire. You can view the online catalogue here 

Horse knowledge

Having owned horses in the past and competed in dressage I have extensive knowledge of the anatomy of horses and the correct way of going. A graceful dressage horse creates beautiful shapes and I just love painting them. 

Horse Breeds and types

I have painted many different breeds and colours, including Thoroughbreds, Sport Horses, Hunters, Warmbloods, Saddlebreds,  Arab, Welsh and Irish Cobs, and many more. I have painted Greys, Bays, Black, Chestnuts, Palaminos, Skewbalds and Piebalds. 

I have painted many different disciplines including Show Jumpers, Showing, Eventers and Dressage Horses.

Purchasing a Painting


I usually sell through online galleries and you can purchase my work either directly from me or through my galleries on Art2Arts ,,  Artfinder , or contact me through social media (links above).I have sold many horse dog and cat paintings over the years. I started off many years ago on Ebay, and have had work re-sold on through fine art galleries.  


These paintings are all created and inspired from life situations and from reference photographs I have taken myself, or from photographs with permission from the photographer.

Many of my artworks are pastels and predominantly Pan Pastels, but some are oils on canvas and occasionally I have used acrylic or mixed media. I have a passion for dressage and dressage horses, also enjoy painting horses in candid situations and it's a privilege to sell my artwork.

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