How to order a portrait or painting of your horse dog or cat


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  • To commission a portrait I will need a good clear photograph of your pet.

  • Send your photographs by email and we can discuss your requirements.

  • There may be additional charges for complex markings. 

  • Sizes are the  area within a mount  and may vary slightly due to pose (ie a pose lending itself to a square format on a 8 x 10" will become 9 x 9"). 

  • Prices quoted are unframed. (I can usually arrange framing but not currently due to the pandemic) 

  • Free Shipping (shipping to UK only)

  • Please see my terms and conditions below.

Prices from January 1st 2021


Dogs and Cats


  • 1 Head 8 x 10" £150

  • 1 Head 10 x 12 £200

  • 1 Head 12 x 14 £250




  • 1 Head 10 x 12" £200

  • 1 Head 12 x 14" £250

  • 1 Head 14 x 16” £300


Larger Sizes are available please enquire for details


Add Ons 

Please add on for additional - please enquire about appropriate sizes for your requirements


  • 50% for each extra subject 

  • 25% for whole body

  • Up to 25% for dog's teeth showing (dog panting)

  • Up to 25% for a bridle or headcollar

  • Up to 25% for a Spotted, Roan, or complexly marked coloured horse

  • Up to 25% for a dog with brindled markings or Dalmation 

  • My prices reflect the time and care taken to create your pastel painting. I have had 100s of satisfied customers over many years.

  • I use quality artists materials - Daler Rowney soft pastels, and Pan Pastels on Canson Mi-Teintes Pastel Paper.


  • When you receive your pastel portrait/painting it will be wrapped in archival glassine paper. 

  • If you choose to unwrap your painting before you take it for framing, please remove the glassine paper by lifting very carefully and ensuring you do not wipe it, or anything else, across the painting. 

  • Although your painting has been sprayed with fixative it will still smudge if handled carelessly. Do not worry if there is a slight impression of pastel on the glassine paper. 

  • Please take your painting to a reputable framer who will mount and frame it accordingly to protect it. 

  • Please do not hang or store your painting in direct sunlight or damp conditions. 

  • Enjoy your painting for many years to come!

There are many occasions where a pastel portrait of your dog, horse or cat would be a fabulous and unique purchase. I have painted dog portraits for Birthdays gifts, Christmas gifts, Weddings gifts, and as tribute to a dearly loved and lost pets, or just simply as a gift from loving pet owners to themselves! In fact you don't really even need a reason to have your best fur friend's handsome face immortalised in an artwork – just treat yourself! 

I have happy and satisfied clients who have come back again and again many times over the years for me to paint their recently passed away pet and/or their latest beloved dog. They have searched me down for dog, horse and cat portraits when I have moved house, and even when I got married and changed name! They know I pride myself on getting a very good likeness of the looks, character and spirit of their dog, horse or cat.


I've painted single dog portraits, to 4 or more dog portraits in one painting. I've been commissioned to paint multiple dogs in one painting for a stationery company. Sometimes I've painted two of the same dog painting so that 2 people can have the same painting! Of course as I am not a photorealism painter they are not identical, but you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference. 


I can put 2 or more dogs together in a portrait from two different photographs although this will cost extra due to the work needed to create an initial composition sketch for your approval. 


For commissioned dog portraits I always paint in pastels because they are more time efficient, there is no drying time and no varnish is needed. 

Eric the Skewbald Horse - Photograph on the left, horse pastel portrait on the right.

Size 12 x 14"

Springer Spaniel - Photograph on the left, pastel portrait on the right. 

Size 12 x 14"

Boss the Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Photograph on the left, pastel dog portrait on the right. 

Size 9 x 9"

Lilly the Bichon Frise - Photograph on the left, pastel dog portrait on the right.

Size 8 x 10"

Terms and Conditions



Acceptance of Commission

Once your order has been placed deposit has been paid then you will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.


The customer may only cancel the commission if it, or the preparation sketches has not already been commenced but they agree to forfeit their deposit of which is £50 and is required to secure the order. A contract will not be entered into until receipt of cleared funds for a deposit.


The balance will become due on completion of the commission.The customer agrees that the fee is non-negotiable.The customer agrees that if the requirements change from the original order, i.e. additional subjects, addition of a bridle, change of background or props etc, that an additional fee in line the artist’s current fees will be incurred.




Lorna Lancaster (the artist) can provide framing but only for paintings that are collected.  If the customer requires the unframed commission to be delivered or posted the customer agrees to pay a reasonable charge for this. Alternatively the customer may collect the unframed painting from the artist.



Lead times

Although a rough timescale for completion will be given and every effort will be made to meet this, the customer accepts that no guarantee can be made for completion by a required date and the artist will not be liable for any losses or inconvenience occurring if completion is delayed.


Photograph to Painting 

The artist's paintings are not photorealistic in style they are impressionistic and aim to capture the character, spirit and likeness of your pet. Photographs taken in different lighting conditions (ie sunny versus indoors/dull day) will show different colour qualities. The artist sees different colours in highlights so the customer should be completely happy with the photograph qualities they choose for the artist to work from. 


The customer accepts that if the photograph they choose for the artist to work from is not the best quality and more suitable ones are unobtainable, the artist will make every effort to ensure a good likeness to the photograph and make any reasonable small adjustments (ie eye colour) required by the customer to improve the likeness if possible. The customer accepts there may be an additional charge for this depending on the amount of extra work needed. If it is not possible to improve to the customer's requirements, the artist will explain why, and if the painting is not a good likeness, or the style of painting has to be more impressionistic, due to poor quality of the customer’s photographs, this will not give grounds for rejection of the commissioned artwork on completion. 



Photographs and copyright

If the photographs supplied are by a professional photographer, then written permission to use these photographs to paint from must be obtained from the photographer by the customer before the commission will be accepted and commenced. If the customer is supplying the photographs they confirm that they have taken them themselves OR that they entitled to grant permission on behalf of the person who took them, for Lorna Lancaster to create artworks and paint from the photographs supplied. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the relevant permissions have been given and agrees to take responsibility if the above is not adhered to.




Lorna Lancaster retains the copyright and reproduction rights of all artwork/images created during the course of creating this commission after the customer has paid the balance and taken possession of the painting.



Model release

Lorna Lancaster, her agents and/or licensees may use any images produced in connection with this commission for promotional use i.e. leaflets etc and advertising - including the internet.The customer agrees with:The use by Lorna Lancaster, her agents and/or licensees of any images produced in connection with this commission for any use without restriction. Note: if the painting is a surprise gift to the subject’s owner (or the subject, if an adult person), and the customer is in doubt that they will agree please let me know in writing at the time of returning this agreement. If the artwork is particularly suitable for me to use for further commercial purposes, and you have let me know in writing that you are in doubt, I will contact you after you have presented the painting to the recipient to ensure they are in agreement.

All Images are Copyright of Lorna Lancaster