Lorna Lancaster - Horse and Dog Artist

My interests in art and design were established in childhood. My father’s profession as an architect and my mother’s talent for oil painting were major artistic influences for me.


After leaving school, I studied window display, drawing and painting and art history, and some graphic design. I qualified as a Window Display Artist and continued to paint as a hobby, painting people, still life and animals for many years until it eventually became my career.

I specialise mainly in painting dressage horse and horse paintings, and dog paintings; owning horses, dogs and cats in the past has given me a greater insight and knowledge of their anatomy, conformation and different character types. Having been involved in competition dressage, I understand the importance of engagement, outline and forwardness which gives a dressage horse it’s character and gracefulness.

(Please note some of my signatures differ - this is due to re-marrying)

Picture of Lorna Lancaster
Artist at work