A selection of sold horse, dog and cat paintings in pastels and oils

Sold Paintings 


I have sold many horse dog and cat paintings over the years. I started off on Ebay, and have had work re-sold on through fine art galleries. I now usually sell through online galleries and you can purchase my work either through my galleries on Artfinder, Art2Arts or ArtGallery.co.uk, and through social media (links above). 


These paintings are all created and inspired by photographs I have taken myself for the purpose of painting. Some are from photoshoots I have done for horse, dog and cat owners for a commissioned horse dog or cat portrait, and some are from photographs I have taken at horse shows, friends' own stable yards, and friends' dogs and cats. 


Many of my horse dog and cat paintings and artworks are pastels, but some are oils on canvas and occasionally I have used acrylic or mixed media. I have a passion for dressage and dressage horses, but enjoy painting any horse dog or cat and it's a privilege to make a living from a combination of commissions and sales of my artwork. 


*I cannot give a timescale for a commission as I am currently very busy with exhibition and gallery work - please contact me to discuss availability*