Three Horse Pastel Portrait

I was commissioned to paint these handsome horses by their owner quite a few years ago. The weather was lovely was for great photographs and also meant I could take my motorbike out for a spin. With my camera in my backpack I set off to their owner's farm and the weather held out.

The horses – a grey, a bay and two bays, were absolute stars and stood and posed beautifully, helped by the warm sunny day. I got the client to position them all on the same spot (one at a time) so that the sun was coming from the same direction. Back in the days when I used to often visit clients to photograph their horses to paint (we didn't have such good phone cameras then) some of my painting subjects absolutely refused to pose to be photographed - often needing someone to hold them, someone else to hold a bucket of pony nuts to rattle to get their attention, or anything else that would get their attention and make them perk up! Nowadays people usually have a phone full of photos to send me and there is often many that I can use to make a great painting. I have a pet photography tips page for further advice.

When I started on this painting I had to decide how I was going to set it out, this one worked well with the horses beside each other with the grey in the middle. After discussions with the client this was agreed and I then sketched out each horse. I had to work from separate photos as it's not really possible to get horses to pose nicely together!...unless you happen to get a random shot of them in the field standing together - unlikely but great when it happens! The client wanted the horses in their bridles which is quite a bit of extra work, so there will always be an extra charge for this, you can see further pricing details on my prices page.

If you are interested in a portrait of your horse or horses, please visit my horse paintings page and my prices page for an idea of the cost. If you have any questions and would like to discuss a painting please don't hesitate to contact me.