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Society of Equestrian Artists - Annual Horse in Art Exhibition

I am an Associate Member of the Society of Equestrian Artists. Every year the Society holds an Annual Horse In Art Exhibition. This year's Exhibition has been running since the 9th October 2023 and finishes on Saturday 28th October and features the diverse and stunning equestrian art of all member levels of the Society. I have the honour of having two equestrian paintings selected and exhibited in the show.

Farrier shoeing a horse pastel painting
Farrier Life, Sam Marlow DIP WCF - Pan Pastels

Grey Arab Horse Pastel Painting
Looking Back - Pan Pastels

The exhibition venue, The Garden Rooms at Tennants in Leyburn, North Yorkshire is stunning and well worth a visit.

Art Gallery
The Gallery in the Garden Rooms at Tennants, Leyburn, Yorkshire

Lorna Lancaster with her work at Equestrian Art Exhibition
Standing next to my work

Quite a few artists donated a small A5 unsigned painting (signed on the back) in the "Secret Postcard Paintings". All the proceeds of these paintings at £50 each were donated to a charity called "New Beginnings" which is a retired racehorse rehabilitation centre. The society has held painting workshops at this venue. My postcard painting of a grey pony sold at the very beginning of the evening which was a huge honour as it was amongst donated paintings by the cream of British Equestrian Artists. The Postcard Paintings that didn't sell at the private viewing can be purchased from the website.

White Pony Pastel Painting
My Postcard Painting in Aid of The New Beginnings Charity

You can view more of my equestrian art on my Horse Art Gallery Page on my website.

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