Juggling Pet Portraits, Music and Housework!

Today is a busy one for me. I have a timetable mapped out juggling lots of different things - well they say women are good at multi-tasking!

So the cat portrait commission needs a couple more hours spent on it, then I have to do my daily music practise. An hour Saxophone practice prepping for a Ska gig in December, and an hour flute practise for orchestra on Tuesday! In amongst that I need to clean the kitchen and do some washing! Then tonight I'm gigging on Bass at The Swan, Hatfield Peverel, Essex. I will get up and do it all again tomorrow then in the evening I'm gigging on Bass at the Tavern, Holland-On-Sea!

Sunday will be spent recovering but no doubt I will be tempted to do some painting and instrument practice anyway - can't allow myself to get bored eh!

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