Commissioning a Pet Portrait in Pastel

I was commissioned to paint Eric who is a handsome Skewbald horse, by his owner. I have painted many of his owner's horses and also some of her dogs.

It's really very easy these days to commission a pet portrait due to modern technology you can send me your photos by Messenger, WhatsApp and Email. I just need a selection of photographs so we can discuss which one would be best to work from. They can be ones you have taken yourself, I don't need to visit and take my own photographs.

Eric's owner sent me a selection of photographs that she took and together we chose the one we wanted to use. I painted the portrait and then a photo of it to his owner and asked if she wanted/needed any alterations, she requested that we extend Eric's neck downwards a little which I could do quite easily and once that was done she approved the painting.

As Eric's owner lives around 50 miles away I then took the portrait for framing at the framer's I use which is about half way, and she picked it up when it was ready.

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