Apart From Painting Pet Portraits

As well as my commissioned pet portraits I sell my paintings online and have sold quite a few over the years. On Saturday I sold a pastel study of a gorgeous Welsh Pony, Today is the first chance I have had to package and send that off.

It's been a bit difficult to get much done today though because our electricity is off while we have some work done. I’m hoping it’s all finished by this afternoon as I have some Saxophone Lessons to do this afternoon! On that note (excuse the pun!) in my other life I am a musician and music tutor. I teach Saxophone, Bass Guitar and Flute and also gig regularly. I have 2 gigs this weekend with 2 different bands and on Thursday I am in a house band at a jam night with my husband's band (he is a guitarist).

You can read more about my music on my other website which you can visit at https://essexbasslessons.wixsite.com/bass-sax-lessons

This week I have been working on a commissioned pastel cat portrait, all will be revealed when it’s finished and in the hands of the recipient!

Welsh Pony Pastel Painting
Sold This Week - Welsh Pony Pastel Study

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