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Cat portraits and Paintings


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There are many occasions where a pastel portrait of your Cat would be a fabulous and unique purchase. I have painted cat portraits for Birthdays gifts, Christmas gifts, Weddings gifts, and as tribute to a dearly loved and lost pets, or just simply as a gift from loving pet owners to themselves! In fact you don't really even need a reason to have your best fur friend's handsome face immortalised in an artwork – just treat yourself! 

I have happy and satisfied clients who have come back again and again many times over the years for me to paint their recently passed away pet and/or their latest beloved cat.  They know I pride myself on getting a very good likeness of the looks, character and spirit of their cat. I've painted single cat portraits, to 3 cat portraits in one painting. 

I can put 2 or more cats together in a portrait from different photographs although this will cost extra due to the work needed to create an initial composition sketch for your approval. 

For commissioned cat portraits I always paint in pastels because they are more time efficient, there is no drying time and no varnish is needed. This means that they are at least a half of the price of a cat oil painting. 

My method of painting is pretty much freehand. So I start by sketching the cat onto the paper then I move on to straight on to the eyes. Once I have done the eyes I start on the cat's head and shoulders. I am usually inspired by the background in the photograph of the cat that you supply, if required I can leave the background plain using just the Canson Mi-Teintes Pastel Paper colour. I block in the dark tones, in much the same way as an oil underpainting, and gradually keep working over the whole portrait graduating up to the light tones. I finish with the highlights and fine whiskers. 


I have painted Burmese Cats, Persian Cats, Black and white cats, Tabby Cats, Tortoiseshell Cats, Ginger Cats, Black Cats, Kittens.

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